Maredumilli Forest


The Maredumilli Forests of East Godavari District are having rich biodiversity and the area is having semi evergreen forests with undulating terrain, which forms part of the Eastern Ghats. The Maredumilli Community Conservation & Eco Tourism Area is situated on Maredumilli-Bhadrachalam road, nearly 4 Km. away from Maredumilli village. The area is having many streams flowing over the undulating rocks in the deep woods and any visitor shall feel thrilling experience in the Nature. Jungle Star Nature Camp is a nature lover's paradise. The camp provides an excellent opportunity to explore the Eastern Ghats. Located adjacent to the river Valamuru, the camp has a stream flowing on 3 sides overlooking the Vali-Sugriva of the Ramayana era. The remarkable variation of the battle ground with the presence of grass lands, encircled by forests on the other hillocks draws the attention of visitors to this epic story.