Food and Cuisine


  • Aamat

    This delectable delicacy is prepared with mixed vegetables which are cooked along with ginger garlic paste and use various spices to enhance the flavour of the dish. Traditionally the dish is prepared in bamboo shoots. The bamboo keeps the flavour of the ingredients intact and also adds the unique aroma to the dish.

  • Bara

    Bara is a unique variant of the Vada that is eaten in South India. Bara is basically a light snack which is made from the fermented Urad Daal. Various vegetables and spices are added along with the fermented lentils to add the perfection to this famous dish of the state.

  • Bhajia

    Bhajia is a famous street food of Chhattisgarh which is very popular among the local people of the state. Bhajia are prepared with different ingredients, each one of them adding a taste to the dish that will get your taste buds going. Bhajia is prepared with the gram flour. Various types of Bhajias such as Mirchi Bhaji- prepared with chilli, onion Bhajai prepared with onion, and Aloo Bhajai prepared with potato are some of the famous variants of the dish.

  • Chila

    Chila is flat chapati like dish which is prepared with the rice batter mixed with the Urad Daal. The dish is very easy to cook and is very delicious. Chila is an important part of the breakfast meal. To grab the best taste of Chila, complement it with the green chutney.

  • Dub ki Kadi

    Dub ki Kadi is a dish of Chhattisgarh which makes it into the lunch plates of the people of the state. Dub ki Kadi is a pulse-like dish which is mainly cooked with the curd. The pakodas of gram flour are added to the dish which is best complemented with the tangy curry of curd and spices.

  • Faraa

    Faraa are made in the form of dumpling, the main ingredient of dish being rice. The dough of rice along with the minimum spices is seasoning of coriander leaves are put to steam to get the light and healthy snack.


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