Duarsini is just 13 km from Burdwan in the Puruliya district, Duarsini is a small tribal village. The whole attraction of this village lies in its picturesque setting surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery of the Dalma Hills. Wildlife enthusiasts will especially love this place as the Dalma Forest contains a plethora of wildlife like bears, wolves, boars and many known and unknown bird species. Sometimes one can even spot elephants coming out of the forest into Duarsini. A wonderful way to relax and unwind is to spend some quiet time on the banks of the Satgurang River that flows past Duarsini. This is a perfect getaway if you are tired of all the touristy and crowded places. At night one can hear the rhythmic beats of madol(drums), reverberating in the air. There are a number of tribal villages in the area pertaining to Santhals, Shabaradh, Kheriya and Munda tribes


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