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  • Alu Potala Rasa

    A spicy gravy-based curry, Alu Potala is named after the two main ingredients which are Potala (Pointed Gourd) and Alu (Potatoes). The mouthwatering dish is prepared with finest flavours of cumin, ginger, garlic, chilli and turmeric powder which makes it a favourite among all alike

  • Besara

    Assorted vegetables in mustard paste tempered with panch phutana.

  • Chhena Jhili 

    It is prepared by deep frying balls of chhena and steeping them in sugar syrup.

  • Chhena Poda

    The one sweet that Odisha is famous for – Chhena Poda, also known to be Lord Jagannath’s favourite sweet and is often offered to him at the Puri Temple. The lingering taste of burnt home-made cottage cheese and semolina combined with sugar syrup simply blows away your mind. This rare dessert is baked for several hours until it becomes red and the caramelised sugar brings out the distinct flavour of Chhena Poda.

  • Dalma

    A popular vegetarian recipe in which lentils and vegetables are boiled together and garnished with aromatic spices. Its flavour is further spiced up by frying with panchphutana (a mix of mustard, cumin, kalonji, aniseed and fenugreek) and turmeric.

  • Kanika

    Kanika is a sweet rice dish, garnished with raisins and nuts

  • Khaja

    It is a sweet dish, famous in Puri and is also offered to Lord Jagannath.

  • Khajuri Khatta

    A sweet and sour dish made from ripe tomatoes and dates.

  • Khechadi

    A well known dish offered as Prasada to the deity Lord Jagannath in the Jagannath temple, made by cooking rice and lentils in ghee, which gives it a rich flavor. It's basically the Oriya version of the Indian 'Khichdi'.

  • Khira sagara

    Consists of marble-sized balls of chhena cheese soaked in sweetened, condensed milk. Saffron and cardamoms are the typical seasonings that are added to this dish. Khira sagara is typically served either at room temperature or slightly chilled.

  • Machha Chhencheda

    It is an Odia non-vegetarian dish made with crushed fish heads (fresh water) along with vegetables. The main ingredients are fish head and vegetables like eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, ridge gourd, onions, etc.

  • Maha Prasad 

    The prasada of the Jagannath Temple is well known and is specifically called Maha Prasad meaning greatest of all prasadas. It consists of 56 recipes, so it is called chhapan bhoga.

  • Malpua

    Though many varieties of Malpua are cooked in various states, a typical Odisha Malpua is a sweet pancake prepared by making a batter of coconut, crushed ripe bananas, flour with milk or water and seasoned with cardamoms. These pancakes are fried and served hot.

  • Pithas

    A traditional food served in Odisha, Pitha is essentially a country cake. The famous Chhena Poda Pitha is made up by caramelizing chhena (well kneaded homemade cottage cheese) with dry fruits. Enduri Pitha consists of soaked rice and blackgram dal batter that is filled with a coconut, sugar and cheese stuffing and steamed in a turmeric leaf. Chittau Pitha is a steamed rice and coconut delicacy with a sweet cardamom flavour.

  • Santula

    Santula is a vegetable dish from the state of Odisha in eastern India. It can be either fried (Bhaja Santula) or boiled (Sijha Santula). Ingredients include potatoes, brinjal, papaya, and Tomato, which are first boiled together, then fried in oil with diced onion, panch phoran, and green chillies.


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