The Siddhivinayak Temple is the second Ganesh Temple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayaka Temples Pilgrimage. Located on the banks of river Bhima, this Ashta Vinayaka Temple of Ganapati is situated in the remote village of Siddhatek, about 200 km east of Pune, in the Karjat Taluka of Ahmednagar district, and is 20 kms away from Daund. It is believed that it was here on the Siddhatek Mountain, that Vishnu acquired Siddhi and as such the idol of Lord Ganesh here is called as Siddhivinayak. It is close to Daund Railway Station and is accessible from the small village of Shirapur in Pune district, on the southern bank of the river, from where it can be reached by boat or a newly constructed bridge. The temple stands on a hillock, surrounded by thick foliage of Babul trees, which also makes it a tourist destination.