The architecture of the city is as interesting as the concept. The city is planned in a circle of radius 1.25kms, and the center of the city is the famous Matrimandir along with the gardens surrounding it. Just outside this are the industrial zone, the cultural zone, the peace zone, and the residential zone. Outside this, the entire city is surrounded by a “green belt“ - this is supposed to act as a barrier against urban encroachment, a wildlife habitat, and sources of food/timber/etc. This entire area was created out of a wasteland, demonstrating the ability to conserve nature while developing a town.
The main attraction here is the “Matrimandir“ - you can watch an introductory video about the concept of the city, and sit here in silence to concentrate. With water pooling in from different sides, the sound of the water and cool breeze which always flows, provides a perfect atmosphere for meditation.


Another area of interest is Auroville, which is a small township of the “City of Dawn“ was conceived by the Maa, a disciple of Shri Aurobindo as a tribute to the poet and philosopher, with an entirely new concept in education and urban living. Locals here are engaged in a great variety of activities including afforestation, farming, education and handicrafts. It is internationally endorsed as an experiment in uniting humanity.