Tashiding Monastery


Tashiding Monastery reflects an old world charm and a serene ambiance that is ideal to seek some enlightenment and spirituality. The monastery binds the visitors with its attractive architecture and a snowy backdrop of grand mountain peaks. Along with being one of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries in Sikkim, it does make a destination not to be missed by the tourists. Tashiding Monastery belongs to the Nyingmapa order and was built in the 17th century on top of a hill between the two beautiful rivers, Rangit and Rathong. 

This popular monastery is believed to cleanse every sin of those seeking forgiveness and willing to repent. Tashiding Monastery is a must visit attraction for its festival, Bhumchhu, which is a sacred water ceremont that is celebrated joyously during the 14th and 15th day of the first month in Tibetan calendar. Surrounding the shrine are the fluttering prayer flags and holy stupas that are built for spiritual benefit of the devotees. Today, this monastery houses around 60 to 70 monks.