Ram Raja Temple


Ram Raja Temple is the only temple in India where Rama is worshipped as a king in a palace. According to legends, the queen Ganesh Kunwari wife of the King of Orchha Madhukar Shah Ju Dev took a vow that she would go to Ayodhya and return with the child form of Ram or else she would drown herself in Ayodhya's Sarayu River. On reaching Ayodhya, the Queen started praying to Lord Ram near Sarayu River. The Queen fasted and prayed for about a month but Lord Ram did not appear, so eventually in despair, she jumped into the river at midnight. Just then something magical happened and Lord Ram appeared in child form in the Queen’s lap. Lord Ram told the queen that he was happy with her prayers and she could ask for a boon, at which the queen asked Ram to come with her in child form to Orchha. Ram agreed to go but he put forth three conditions: “I will travel only in Pukh Nakshatra. Secondly, once I reach Orchha, I will be the King of Orchha. Thirdly, the first place you seat me will be my final place of stay and will be famous by the name of Ramraja.“