Things To Do


The queen of hill stations

  • A leisurely stroll at the Rose Garden

    Take a leisurely stroll at the picturesque garden full of mesmerizing varieties of rose beds. The Rose Garden was setup in 1995 to commemorate the 100th Flower Show of the Botanical Garden. It has the largest collection of roses in the country with over 2,500 varieties.

  • Government Museum

    Make a definite stop at the Government Museum, located on the Ooty-Mysore road. The collection on display here includes tribal objects, ecological details of the district, and a miscellany of the sculptural arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu.

  • Handmade Chocolates

    Ooty is famous for its variety of chocolates that are delicious in taste and are well appreciated by the tourists. When in the town, don't forget to buy these.

  • Shopping For Aromatic Oil

    Ooty's plantations also produce a variety of aromaticessential oils such as camphor, eucalyptus and citronella, which can be used for medicinal purposes. You can buy them for yourself or a souvenir for your loved ones.

  • Tea and Coffee Tours

    Famous for its tea and coffee plantations, experience the finest quality seeds as you explore various tea and coffee gardens in Ooty. A variety of high quality coffee and tea flavours are also available at local markets and special teashops.

  • Wenlock Downs

    A vast expanse of undulating landscape, Gymkhana Club, Government Sheep Farm and the Hindustan Photo Films Factory are the major attractions in this area. You might enjoy taking a walk down its quiet, winding trails.


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