Things To Do


  • Coin Museum

    The museum has a treasure trove of well researched and well documented history of Indian currency. Included in the collections are photographs, articles, line drawings, replica, real coins and a detailed analysis of various currency systems that existed in the India of past centuries.

  • Discover Caves

    Buddhist rock-cut caves, locally known as the Pandav Leni are a group of 24 caves in the Trirashmi hill (as known from the inscriptions). These were excavated from circa 1st century BCE to circa 6th century CE. These caves contain inscriptions written in the Brahmi script using Prakrit language.

  • Explore the Forts

    Nashik district is connected with the neighbouring states of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, its unique geography has provided it natural protection by the Sahyadri mountain ranges. These natural posts were converted into political watchtowers by the various dynasties that ruled this region. As a result, we find up to 38 major and minor forts constructed in these mountain ranges, making for a veritable treasure for those who love trekking. Among the most important forts are Ankai-Tankai, Salher-Mulher, Ramsej, Dhodap, Ahivant, etc. The Ankai-Tankai hills near Manmad have a medieval fort and some Hindu and Jain caves carved into them.

  • Gargoti Museum

    Founded by K. C. Pandey, this museum in Nashik is famous for zeolites. A zeolite is an ethereal creation of elegant colours and fragile structure. This is formed as the result of a process in which a group of silicate minerals expel water when heated. This rare museum is definitely worth a visit. It is 32 km from Nashik.

  • Heal the Mind

    Nashik has also become well-known because of the Vipassana International Academy located at Igatpuri. It was established in 1976 with the objective of conducting vipassana courses for those seeking spiritual healing. This centre, named as Dhammagiri, is 40 kilometers away from the city on the Mumbai - Agra road.

  • Wine Tasting

    Known as the 'wine capital of India', Nashik has many breweries in and around it because of the abundance of grapes. You can visit some of these breweries and watch the process of making wine and also taste some of the different varieties to understand and appreciate the flavours.


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