Food And Cuisine


  • Khaja

    This is made from wheat, sugar, mewa and is deep fried in oil, giving it a wafery texture that melts in your mouth. It is believed to be a 2000 year old preparation.

  • Local food and snacks

    The tiny city of Nalanda boasts of retaining its Indian root and culture. Samosa, Kachori, aalu kachaalu, bhooja, ghughuni, choora, dahi choora, jhaal moodi, and litti chokha are specialities of this region.

  • Sattu-pani

    Made from seven types of roasted grains, Sattu Pani is a popular drink among the locals as well as the tourists. It not only tastes good but also boosts energy levels.

  • Silao

    In between Nalanda and Rajgir, there is a village namely Silao, where a very popular local sweet "Khaja" is prepared.

  • Sweets

    The famous sweets of Nalanda are available in three main varieties - Khaja, Chandshahi, and Gandhi Topa. Taste these mouth-watering delicacies of kneaded flour, crisp fried and dipped in syrup.


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