Food And Cuisine


  • Biryani and Kebabs

    The predominantly Muslim area of Mominpura is filled with eateries that serve out everything from biryani, kebab and rich meaty curries to minced meat stuffed samosas and a range of bhajiyas.

  • Maharashtrian specialties

    A trip to Nagpur is incomplete without sampling typical Marathi dishes like Jhunka Bhakar, Patodi and Goda Bhaat.

  • Param ki daal

    The legendary Param ki daal is a Nagpur favourite which sees countless people throng to it everyday!

  • Samosa

    Like much of India, the Samosa is a favourite in Nagpur too but the locals pride their version of this Indian snack the most. The Nagpuri samosa usually carries a range of condiments that typically accompany the humble potato-stuffed fried pastry.

  • Saoji delicacies

    A cuisine that has originated in Vidarbha, the spicy Saoji food is a must try for every visitor. Fiery curries made with trotters (paya), chicken and even offal cooked with special spice mixes (fiercely guarded recipes). A must try dish is the Keema Kaleji.

  • Tarri Poha

    A typical Nagpuri breakfast Tarri Pohha is usually a plate of poha (soaked flattened rice) with spicy curried black gram or chickpeas, with tarri (gravy) on the side. The dish is usually enjoyed by topping the tarri on the poha, garnishing it up with finely chopped onions and finishing with a squeeze of lime. There are numerous roadside eateries across the city which serve tarri poha.


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