Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary


Step into the woods of Periyar, a grand kingdom of wilderness. The tigers in this sprawling green kingdom are elusive and if you’re lucky enough to spot one lazily strolling in the wild, you would be struck with awe of the sheer grandeur of his majestic looks and rugged physique. The Periyar Tiger Reserve is one of the twenty-seven tiger reserves in India.

Periyar Sanctuary is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, which is also credited with having the largest protected area. The 777 sq km sanctuary is gifted with a unique landscape which serves as the habitat for numerous flora and fauna in amazing varieties. The sanctuary is known for an attractive boating option in the scenic lake. During the ride travellers can have a variety of sights – of elephant herds frolicking in the lake, deer herds grazing on the grasslands, birds roosting in trees - and many more. The sanctuary is about 110 km away from Munnar.


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