Arts and Crafts


  • Folk Dances of Mumbai

    Gifted with its rich culture and traditions, Maharashtra has different types of dance forms. Povada is the dance form that showcases the lifetime achievements of the Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj. Lavani and Koli dance forms entertain with its mesmerizing music and rhythmic movements. Dhangri Gaja dance pays respect to their God by the Dhangars of Sholapur. Dindi and Kala are the religious folk dances, which expresses the religious ecstasy of Lord Krishna.

  • Ganesh Idols

    The most worshipped Hindu God in Mumbai, the idols are made available in different sizes, shapes and in different poses. The massive sale of the idols increases during the Ganpati festival which is celebrated with great zeal and fervor throughout Maharashtra. People buy Ganesh idols and images keep him as a divine guest in their house for five to ten days. Then the idol or image is then taken out ceremoniously and immersed in the river, sea or well. It is called Visarjan.

  • Warli paintings

    Warli are the largest tribes of Maharashtra region and they live in the outskirts of Mumbai. The womenfolk of the tribe paint on the mud walls of their houses, these indigenous paintings and art are known as Warli tribal wall paintings. These can be traced back to 10th Century A. D. But it was first discovered only in the early seventies. They generally take inspiration for the painting from the normal life routine and surroundings.


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