Arts and Crafts


  • Jute slippers

    These are a specialty of this region, worn by both men and women in their homes. The have very colorful patterns crocheted into the top.

  • Loi

    It is a mens shawl, woven in light woolen fabric and Dohru is popularly woven out of coarse warm wool and used as a Kullu blanket.

  • Muffler and Caps

    A piece of woolen cloth used to cover the neck. These are woven on looms smaller than the one used for shawls. Typical Kullu caps are very elegant with a woven border and worn by men all the time.

  • Pashmina Shawls

    To keep you extra warm in winters, this woven fabric is made from finest Cashmere wool. It is available in different colors, patterns, and designs, for both men and women. When worn by men it is called 'Chadder' and when by women it is called 'shawl'. Kullu shawl is made out of merino, angora, pashmina or local sheep wool.

  • Pattu

    It is a blanket worn by the women over their clothes and hooked with local silver broaches called 'boomini'. A pattu appears like a shawl but is thicker and heavier than a shawl.


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