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Madurai is famous for its Jigarthanda, Paruthipal (cotton seeds milk),Kari Dosai (Dosa with mutton stuffing),Appamand veg/non-veg Kothu Parotta. This combination is available in many parts of Tamil Nadu. 

  • Appam

    It has a savoury taste and appears like a pancake. It is made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It makes a great dish when eaten normally for breakfast with a stew.

  • Jigarthanda

    A cool beverage made from milk, sarsaparilla syrup, almond gum, sugar and ice. It believed to be introduced by Mohammedan rulers, but now a favourite summer cooler in the southern city Madurai.

  • Kari Dosai

    It is a famous Indian flatbread which has a stuffing of Kheema mutton. A savoury delight relished as a main course meal is prepared from mutton kheema, vegetables and eggs.

  • Kothuparotta

    Also known as Muttaiparotta is a street side savoury delicacy made from eggs, mustard, cumin seeds, curry leaves, ginger- garlic, your choice of vegetables and tangy spices. It can be made without eggs, just with vegetables.

  • Paruthipal

    Paruthi means cotton and pal means milk. Paruthi pal is slurpy drink made of cotton seeds, flour of raw rice, coconut and jaggery.


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