Food and cuisine


  • Gulnaar Kebabs

    The Gulnaar Kebab is a gourmet's delight. The blending of tomatoes with spices and chicken, with a garnish of red rose petals is one of the most aesthetic dishes of the bawarchis of Awadh

  • Lakhnavi Biryani

    Biryani literally means fried or `bhuna', and in this preparation, the rice is lightly fried before being cooked in the mutton stock. Hence, the name differentiates it from the pulao where the rice is parboiled.

  • Nargisi Kofta

    The Nargisi Kofta is mainly hard-boiled egg, wrapped in mince and deep fried, when halved lengthwise it resembles the eye. Purists go to the length of selecting eggs which are slimmer rather than round to get the perfect shape!

  • Pasanda Kebabs

    The Pasanda Kebab is one such mouth-watering dish. The pasanda is a two inch square boneless cut flattened out by beating with the blunt side of knife. It can either be skewered or cooked in a vessel. The latter method is more common in Lucknow.

  • Patili Kebab

    This kebab is served as one whole mass on the plate and not in several individual pieces. The cooking of mince on slow fire with ghee and spices infuses the meat with a subtle aroma, and the superbly soft texture of the kebab makes partaking of it a pleasurable experience!

  • Shami Kebab

    Shami Kabab is a non-vegetarian dish made from mincemeat. Kebabs are round patties filled with spicy surprises. The texture of the kebab is extremely soft and simply melts in the mouth


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