Zangla Monastery


A small picturesque place in Zanskar region of Ladakh, Zangla is known for being the base or an important point of major treks in Zanskar region. As attractions, the place has an old castle, which is almost in ruins, there is a nunnery and an ancient monastery in a nearby village of Tsa Zar which are worth seeing. The view from the castle is simply spectacular, and thus one must not miss to visit this tourist attraction. On the other hand, the ancient monastery in Tsa Zar should be visited for its beautiful frescoes. Zangla is important point in important treks in Zanskar like Chadar trek and Padum-Strongdey-Zangla-Karsha-Padum trek, Padum-Markha valley and Padum-Lamayuru trek.