Things To Do


  • Hamirsar Lake

    An excellent place to cool off on a hot afternoon, Hamirsar Lake is where people go to swim, or sit under a tree and enjoy the water front. Walking along the lake's edge is a great way to get from one place to another. Aina Mahal and Praga Mahal, the Kutch Museum, the Ramkund Stepwell and Ram Dhun Temple, the Swaminarayan Temple and the Alfred High School are all located very close to the eastern side of the lake; a walk from the Aina Mahal to the Swami Narayan Temple (passing all the other sites mentioned) takes about half an hour. Further around the other side of the lake is the Sharad Baug palace, and the road to the royal chhatris.

  • Shopping

    A list of must-haves Kutchi handicrafts, renowned the world over, are in abundance in Bhuj, from elaborately embroidered clothing and luxurious quilts to block-printing, heavy silver jewellery and woodcarving. Meet artisans and their families, see the work being done and buy crafts directly from the artisans themselves!


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