Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary


Narayan Sarovar is home to a wide array of wildlife, including many species (15 of which are considered threatened) of mammals, reptiles, and birds. The principle species here is the chinkara, an Indian gazelle. In this harsh landscape, only animals well-adapted to the desert climate can thrive, with extreme heat, high winds, and frequent storms. For this reason, many species can be seen here that are not easy to find elsewhere.

Most of Narayan Sarovar is desert thorn forest and scrub forest, with some seasonal wetlands and dry savannah-type vegetation as well. Gorad and babul are the prevailing plant species gorad in the east and babul in the west. Also found among the 252 species of flowering plants in the sanctuary are Hermo, Ber, Pilu, Thor, Gugal, Salai, Ingorio, Kerdo, Carissa, and the invasive “Gando Baawal” (ProsopsisJuliflora), though less so than in other nearby areas.