At the far northwest corner of Kutch, facing north across the Great Rann towards Pakistan, stands Lakhpat, once an important port city but now virtually abandoned for almost 200 years. The 7 km fort walls here, erected in 1801, are still nearly intact, and offer tremendous views out over the Rann.

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, is said to have camped here on his journey to Mecca and the site later became a gurudwara. The tomb of Pir Ghaus Muhammed, a Sufi mystic is a stone construction with complex carvings and a water tank that is said to have healing properties. Sayyed Pir Shah's nine-domed mausoleum has intricate carvings, doors, windows and jaalis.

Lakhpat is 135 km from Bhuj and has very few facilities for visitors. The only accommodation available is at the Gurudwara which is meant more for religious pilgrims.