Things To Do


  • Adventure Sports

    The adrenaline-fuelled sports in these hills will de-stress your commotion of city life and infuse you with happiness and give you jaw-dropping adventure stories. For adventure lovers, Kurseong is the right place, as it offers various treks and hikes. Be it tea garden walks or hikes through lush green Cryptomaria Japonica forest or village walks, it is all here. Recently new adventure sports have been added to Kurseong Hot Air Balloon and Rock Climbing. In coming days Kurseong will be known for these sports. So, Kurseong is an ideal destination for travellers, where you can enjoy nature, adventure and culture "the new destination of the millennium".

  • Deer Park

    Deer Park or Dowhill Eco Park is a major tourist attraction of Kurseong. The glimpse of Deers and fresh air of this place will rejuvenates you. Flora and fauna are the soul of tourism in our country, and this Deer Park is another destination where you can flock with your family and friends to enjoy nature at its best. It is now known as Satellite Park, on the Dowhill Road end in the Forest Area. The park is surrounded by a dense pine forest laden with mosses. The area is dotted with beautiful cottages from the British era. It houses many rare species of birds & animals mostly found in these areas.

  • Trekking

    Trekking makes the perfect escapade forthe urban city dwellers who take a break from their desk jobs and flock here to add adventure in their life. Kurseong commands the most spectacular views of the mountain vistas. There are some lovely trekking trails in Kurseong areas through forests and lush vegetation on the slope of the mountains. You can explore the nature, its flora and fauna and also several almost unnamed villages and their people & culture.

  • White Water Rafting

    If you are bored from the visits to museums and historical places then white water rafting ought to be your next thing to do. White water rafting in Tista was introduced in Darjeeling hills more than a decade earlier and has gained tremendous popularity since then. Several private organizations along with DGHC tourism have set up rafting facilities. River Tista is graded at IV on an international scale. With a series of rapids with varying intensity and character, Tista extends a challenging invitation to the enthusiasts.


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