Food and Cuisine


Momos, thupka, dum aloo and flavored tea are the traditional varieties you will find everywhere in these hills, from good restaurants to roadside eateries. You can also try the local drinks such as channg and tongba as well as sip in some of the finest varieties of darjeeling tea, found in the area.

  • Aloo Dum

    A thick curry made with boiled potatoes, cooked in heavy gravy of ginger, garlic tomatoes and onions. Can be relished as a main course meal with bread and rice.

  • Flavored Tea

    Kurseong is one of the few places where you can enjoy flavoured tea. Every flavour has a distinct taste like masala chai, chocolate and apple-cinnamon. With bags of flavour, these locally produced organic tea leaves are loaded with anti-oxidants. Also, special tea like green tea are known for weight reduction benefits.

  • Sel Roti

    Sel roti’ a dish you won’t come by in the local cuisine but in the odd sections of street vendors. These are usually prepared by locals at home during festive season or during celebrations like marriage , birthdays , and religious gatherings. These are roties made from rice paste in the form of a ring and then deep fried for its delicious flavor as the crust around the sel is an eye catcher. It can be taken on its own or with cheese, butter, chutney or any curry.

  • Steamed Momos

    Also known as dumplings, they are prepared with flour dough and stuffed with either meat or vegetables or both. The non-vegetarian ones have either chicken or pork as stuffing and the veggie ones have cabbage, carrots and other vegetables.

  • Thukpa

    A popular tibetan delicacy thukpa is a hot noodle soup mixed with meat, eggs and vegetables and served in a large bowl. Being a soup it is consumed as a starter but is quit filling.


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