Things To Do


  • Ayurveda therapy

    Ayurveda, Indias age-old system of medicine, is a science of holistic living and longevity. The Ayurvedic spas and healthcare centres attached to almost all the resorts offer various stress-relieving and rejuvenating packages. These work to renew the bodys balance by eliminating the toxins that are byproducts of an incorrect lifestyle.

  • Fishing

    Village and Backwaters Angling: The canals running across the village as well as the shallow waters of Lake Vembanad offer great opportunities for angling. With patience and a little bit of skill, you are sure to get a fairly good catch as well as a lot of fun taking part in a traditional village activity.<br><br>Fishing Using Bow and Arrow: The bow has a reel fixed to it, which in turn is connected to the arrow with a line. Once the fish is shot with the pointed arrow, the archer pulls the line and arrow using the reel and takes his catch. <br><br>Fishing with Nets: When fishing in shallow waters, the fishermen set up artificial reefs or bushes on the muddy bottom of the lake and canals and keep fish food (flour or tapioca balls) on them. When the fish bite, the bushes tremble and the waiting fisherman can throw the net for a good catch.

  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

    If you are a bird enthusiast, visit the sanctuary between June and August, the breeding season of resident wetland birds such as Indian Darter, little cormorant, different species of egrets and herons, white ibis, several species of kingfishers, etc. Between the months of November and May, the bushes and woods of the sanctuary play host to some rare migratory birds. The Vembanad Lake body attracts waterfowl like pin-tailed duck, garganey teal, spot-billed duck, birds of prey like osprey, marsh harrier, steppe eagle, etc.

  • Shopping

    The items on display include swords and knives, bronze lamps, various household utensils, handicrafts with ethnic designs, elaborately decorated traditional door latches, gramophones, old telephones, coins and so on. Also, you can shop for traditional gold jewellery designs.

  • Village Life Experience

    The local Tourism council runs the Village Life Experience package, part of the award winning Kumarakom Responsible Tourism project


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