Food And Cuisine


A getaway to these blissful hills is a perfect idea for anyone who wants to relax from the commotion of city life. The southern hills are popular for their south-Indian delicacies everywhere in the country. Its Tamil food is characterised by the use of lentils, rice and legumes, and its distinct aroma is achieved by blending of spices. Idli, Dosa, Vada, Uthappam, Sambar are the popular delights from south which are part of main-course meals for breakfast or dinner.

  • Dosa

    A pancake sort of dish made from rice and black gram.

  • Idli

    A savoury dish made from semolina or rice.

  • Sambar

    A traditional South-Indian stew made from lentils, tamarind and vegetables.

  • Uthappam

    Another savoury item made from rice flour and lentils

  • Vada

    A deep-fried savoury item made from lentils.


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