Ancient temples, mosques, historic forts and magnificent handicrafts make Nadia District a great tourist destination. Nadia has gained as a tourist destination from the advent of the Bhakti movement and Sri Chaitanya. Nabadwip, a town in Nadia district and the best town in West Bengal as well, was the capital of Bengal under Ballal Sen and later Lakshman Sen, kings of the Sena Empire, who ruled from 1159 to 1206. In 1202, Nabadwip was captured by Bakhtiyar Khilji. This victory paved the way for Muslim rule in Bengal. Nabadwip and some other places in Nadia were centres of learning and intellectual prowess. Chaitanyadeb (1486-1533) was born in Nabadwip. The first school of logic (Tarkashastra) in India was set up on the Navya Nyaya system in Nabadwip, which produced great logicians in the 15th century. It was the place where Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a major Hindu saint, was born and lived. The religious atmosphere of Nabadwip is a combination of Baishnaba, Shakta, Buddha, shaiva. The main festival of Nabadwip is "Rash Utsab" (Rasa lila). It is also known as "Pat Purnima" or "Rash Kali Puja" or "Shakta Rash". The varieties of Baishnaba, Shakta, Saiba Pratima (Idols) attracts everyone.


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