Things To Do


  • Irwin Agricultural Museum

    There is a lot to explore in the beautiful town of Kolhapur. Popular amongst some tourists are the exhibits here of a unique collection of agricultural equipment. Among other attractions of the museum is a statue of the Poseidon, exquisite collection of Andhra coins and bronze artifacts mined from Brahmapuri Hills and the extraordinary architecture of this museum.

  • Shopping Kolhapuri Chappals

    The traditional Maharashtrian hand-made leather chappals made should be on your must-have shopping list. This ethnic footwear originated in Kolhapur. The open-toe hand-crafted slippers are available in earthy to natural colours which are liked by both men and women.

  • Shopping Kolhapuri Jewellery

    Kolhapur is famous for its unique necklace called Kolhapur Saaj. This jewellery item is mostly worn by Maharashtrian women with cultural pride. Mohanmal, Bormal, Kolhapuri Saaj, Pohehar and Putlihaar are traditional jewelleries specially made in Kolhapur. Similarly Chokar style is very popular in Kolhapur.

  • Siddhagiri Museum

    A unique museum in Kaneri village which gives a peek into self-sufficiency of village life that existed nearly a century ago. Several aspects of village life recreated here to promote and conserve ancient Indian culture. The museum currently spans over 7 acres of land where 80 scenes of village life and around 300 life-size statues of humans and domestic animals are on display in open natural surroundings. They depict various inter-dependent 12 caste-based professions and 18 related occupations that were then in existence in a largely agrarian society.

  • Town Hall

    Wide-eyed curiosity will come into play right from the entrance where you will find two impressive 18th century cannons behind which are placed a pair of medieval elephant sculptures obtained from the Mahalakshmi Temple. A myriad collection of weapons right from Stone Age hand axes to guns used in World War I; beautiful idols made of ivory and sandalwood; porcelain dishes; dices; decorative pots painted with a layer of lac; terracotta musical instruments dating back to 1888; and above all, the paintings of Kala Maharshi Baburao Painter, better known for his pioneering work in the evolution of Indian cinema.


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