One of the ancient cities in Tamil Nadu, Karur was ruled by the Cheras, Cholas, the Naickers, and the British successively. There is proof that Karur may have been the centre for old jewellery-making and gem setting (with gold imported mainly from Rome), as seen from various excavations. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma began the work of creation here.Karur is one of the oldest towns in Tamil Nadu and has played a very significant role in the history and culture of the Tamils. Its history dates back over 2000 years, and has been a flourishing trading centre even in the early Sangam days. Epigraphical, numismatic, archaeological and literary evidences have proved beyond doubt that Karur was the capital of early Chera kings of the Sangam age. It was then called Karuvoor or Vanji. There has been rare findings during the archaeological excavations undertaken in Karur.