Arts And Crafts


  • Aipan

    Rangoli, traditional decoration made on the floor in front of the house with flower petals, coloured rice or flour, is the continuation of a sacred and age-old practice. Aipan is one of the conventional forms of rangoli, mainly practiced in the state of Uttarakhand. The art has cultural as well as religious implications in the life of the Kumaonis.

  • Choliya

    Choliya is one of the famous folk dances of the Kumaon region which is as old as 1000 years. Swords are used by dancers in this dance.

  • Jhodha

    Jhodha dance is the most famous folk dance of the Kumaon region. People belonging to different castes or creed, perform this dance, without any discrimination, in almost all festivals.

  • Murals

    The fine arts of Uttaranchal are decidedly geometric with a natural grace and simplified complexity. One will find almost every home and place of worship decorated with some kind of mural done either as a proper wall painting or in the form of Aipan (floor decoration).

  • Paintings

    Uttarakhand is interspersed with lush green trees, towering mountains, a clear blue sky and plenty of rivers and streams. This is enough to make someone a poet or an artist. This is just a fraction of the beauty of the hilly territory. Uttaranchal or specifically, Garhwal is home to one of the most beautiful and defining Gharanas of miniature paintings known as the Garhwal School of Painting.

  • Pandava

    This dance is based on the story of the Mahabharata along with dance and music. This dance form is performed during Dusshera and Diwali.

  • Temple ArchitecturePaintings

    Temple architecture in any part of India has always been patronized by the rulers as a way to leave an imprint on the pages of history. The rulers of yesteryears built some of the most intricately carved and exquisite places of worship.

  • Wood Carving

    The people of Uttaranchal are very creative in nature and the fact testifies itself in the beautiful temples that dot the entire land. The wood carvings of Garhwal and Kumaon are renowned for their simple yet delicate and attractive designs.