Suchindram is a small pilgrim town in the Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu famous for theThanumalayan Temple. One major legend of Suchindram is related to the chastity of Anasuya, wife of Sage Atri. The fable and legend state that the ‘trimurtis’ (three Hindu Gods - Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma) appeared in front of Anasuya begging as ‘brahmins’; when she was about to serve them, they levied a condition that they would eat only if she served in the nude. Through the power of her chastity she converted the three gods into babies and fed them. On the plea of Goddesses (the wives of ‘trimurtis’), Anasuya restored the deities. On the same spot, a ‘linga’ developed which still exists and is worshipped. The pilgrim town is also famous for the celebration of two festivals; Markazhi and Chiththirai.