The Buddha is believed to have stayed and preached at Kausambi. It is a site of archaeological significance near the Yamuna river, 63 km by road from its confluence with the Ganges at the historic city of Allahabad in UP. Excavation has shown that a Buddhist population lived here for 1000 years till the 7th century AD.

Kausambi owes its name to the many Kosam trees felled to establish it as the capital of the ruler Udayan, becoming a centre of Buddhism and Jainism. The ruins of Udayan Fort bear testimony to its prominence as a place of learning, highlighted by the Buddha’s visits. Site excavation has in addition revealed artifacts dating to the emperor Ashok while folklore connects it with the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharat.

The journey to Kausambi will also enable a discovery of the rich cultural legacy of Allahabad, or Prayag as it was known historically, being the usual place of stay for this part of the Circuit.