Things To Do


  • Kanchi Kudil

    Explore the life of the people of the city with a view and feel the essence of life as lived here. Kudil means house. The house about a century old and its architecture resembles the olden style. You will get a clear picture of the entire town and its specialties. You could gain a deep knowledge on the city, its cultural richness and heritage. Be it the food that is served here or the furniture in the inn, everything speaks of the city's glorious past. Cultural programs are organized in the evenings through which you can learn about the arts of the city. The city flourished in arts in the ancient period and you can see the influences even today.

  • Shopping for Kanchipuram Sarees

    Shop in Kanchipuram, a famous centre of handloom weaving and exquisite silk saris are woven here from pure mulberry silk. The saris, usually designed in contrasting colours, have an enviable reputation for lustre, durability and finish which is second to none in the country. More than 5,000 families are engaged in this industry and their spectacular creations are marketed by a number of co-operative societies located all over the city and the state.

  • Shopping for Souvenirs

    It is a great place to shop for idols of gods made out of brass and other elements like copper. Handicraft items, such as jewellery boxes and jute items like bags etc. are beautifully made and can be bought as souvenirs and gift items.


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