Things To Do


  • Ashoka's Rock Edicts

    Fourteen Edicts of Emperor Ashoka are inscribed on a large boulder that is housed in a small building on the way to Mount Girnar. An uneven rock, with a circumference of seven meters and a height of ten meters, bears inscriptions etched in Brahmi script in a language similar to Pali. All the edicts have a strong historical connection and they all impart the message of peace, tolerance and communal harmony. On the same rock there are inscriptions in Sanskrit added around 150 CE by Mahakshatrap Rudradaman I, the Saka (Scythian) ruler of Malwa. The edict narrates the history of the breaking of dams of Sudarshan Lake because of the turbulent storm waters of the rivers Suvarna Sikta and Palasini rushing down the hill slopes.

  • Damodar Kund

    Damodar Kund, is on the foothills of the Girnar hill which is one of the sacred lakes of Gujarat. People from all over the country come to Damodar Kund to perform the last rites of the departed souls and also to immerse bones and ashes in the lake. On the lakeside, one can see the temples of Damodar, Radha, Baladeva and Vagheshwari, which were constructed during the Suryavanshi ruler named Chandraketpur. Nearby the lake are two small reservoirs- Revati Kund and Mrigi Kund where pilgrims visit to get rid of their sins by taking a dip.

  • Shopping

    Stroll along the busy Bazaars in Junagadh and you could possibly pick up souvenirs like wall hangings, Bandhini saris, cloth toys and puppets, devotional items, embroidered clothes and silk saris. Narrow lanes, makeshift shops, a bustling and buzzing atmosphere all culminate to give an old world charm to these bazaars. Ayurvedic medicines, footwear, herbal remedies, incense sticks and oil, and mementos carved in marble or wood are some other bargains that can be found in the bazaars of Junagadh.

  • Willingdon Dam

    Willingdon Dam is a beautiful picnic spot with a park blessed with stunning natural beauty. It is a perfect pace to unwind, rejuvenate and relax.


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