Sana Caves


These caves are located in the precincts of the Sana Hill in  Amreli district of Gujarat, which is located 25 km north-east of Una. It is a group of 62 Buddhist rock shelters carved out of soft rock and scattered at different levels. The most interesting group has ornate carvings and stupas, rock cut pillows, benches and chaityas. Some caves also have a dome and pillared hall. Experts believe that these are among the few earliest caves of Western India dating from 2nd century BC. The largest cave, Cave 2 is approximately 21 meters in depth and has a width of 18.3 meters. The layout of Cave 48 is very different from the rest as it contains two halls of different dimensions, benches around their perimeter. The caves are distinctive in nature and are marked by their austere and simplistic designs and are marked by their austere and simplistic designs.It is at a distance of 76 kms from Junagadh


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