Arts And Crafts


  • Badla Work

    Badla is where slabs of metal are melted and pierced through steel sheets. They are then converted into wires and hammered to the necessary fineness.

  • Bandhini

    Type of tie-dye textile decorated by plucking the cloth with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a figurative design. Saris are made out of this cloth that can be seen worn by the women of Jodhpur.

  • Breeches

    Short trousers fastened just below the knee, now chiefly worn for riding or as part of ceremonial dress.

  • Chart Dance

    This is a famous dance type in the region of Kisherigarh region. With this dance form the dancer will be performing the dance with a lighted lamp in a pot on their head.

  • Ghoomar Dance

    Basically it is a dance which is performed by women on special occasions. This is a simple form of dance where the ladies move gently with gracefully movements in circular motions to form the steps.

  • Kamaicha

    One of the oldest bowed musical instruments in the world, this instrument is made from a single piece of wood and its three main strings are made of goat intestine, while the fourteen others are made of steel. It is used extensively in Rajasthani folk music.

  • Morchang

    This wind percussion instrument, also called morchang is another instrument used widely in Rajasthani folk music. To play this instrument, the player has to hold it firmly between the teeth and strike the metal tongue with the free hand. The movement of the players tongue, blowing and sucking of air through the instrument produces different sounds.

  • Pichwai Paintings

    A traditional art form with Lord Krishna as central subject. The work and the contrasting colours on these paintings are exceptional.

  • Ravanahatta

    A hand-made bow-string instrument, usually made by the artist himself. It is an important folk music instrument in Rajasthan and is made from either a bamboo, halved coconut shell or hollowed out wood.


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