Jama Masjid


Also known as Badi Masjid, this is a unique structure and an important monument of the Sharqi period dedicated to Husain Sharqi. Located near Purani Bazar on the Shahganjroad, this mosque has a height of more than 200 ft. Its foundation was laid during the reign of Ibrahim Shah and was constructed in several phases and finally completed during the reign of Hussain Shah. The decorations, Egyptian style engravings, the curves of its arches, the uniqueness of the Lotus, sunflower and rose motifs, screens etc. make this imposing building indeed a work of art that is definitely worth seeing. Intricate latticework, impressive arches and niches establish respect for the Jaunpuri architecture. There is also a burial ground in the compound with some ‘Sharqi’ royal graves but it remains closed to the public.