Lakhota Palace and Museum


The structure was originally designed as a fort so that soldiers posted around it could fend off an army of enemies with the lake acting as a moat, the tower known as Lakhota Palace now houses the Lakhota Museum. The museum exhibits artefacts spanning from 9th to 18th centuries, pottery from nearby medieval villages and the skeleton of a whale. First thing that will grab your attention at the entrance is the guardroom that is decorated with muskets, swords and powder flasks, which are reminiscent of the original purpose of the structure and proving the martial readiness of the state at the time. The walls of the museum are covered in frescoes depicting various battles fought by the ‘Jadeja Rajputs’. Lakhota fort is connected to the banks by two causeways, but is only accessible from the North side. Visiting hours are from 10.30am-2pm and 2.30pm-5.30pm.