Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary


Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary in Jamnagar is a secure abode for various vertebrates and invertebrates. Confirmed as a wildlife refuge in the year 1988, the sanctuary spreads over an area of 332 sq. km. The natural vegetation of this region with lush green patches of grass and other shrubs forms a unique abode for native and migratory birds. The enormous White Pelicans, Spot-billed Ducks along with Flamingoes inhabit the waterscapes and create an exclusive pictorial sight. These winter guests along with Demoiselle Cranes and Common Cranes make this sanctuary a great locale for bird enthusiasts. Mammals like Wolf, Jackal, Mongoose, Jungle Cat, and Blue-bull can be seen around grasslands. Butterflies, Moths, Honeybees, Wasps add an energy to the area while varied types of spiders mystify the ambience with their intricate webbed tapestry.

The best time to visit the sanctuary is within the period of autumn to spring.