Arts and Crafts


The crafts of Jaisalmer comprise of exquisite traditional jewelries of silver, delicate and fine embroidery work, stone work, highly decorated leather products and printing work.  The goldsmiths of Jaisalmer specialize in carving out marvelous pieces of silver jewelries. The fine and delicate design patterns on the silver necklace, earnings and bangles display the rich artistic skill and creative imagination of the local craftsmen who have inherited the art from their forefathers. The local craftsmen of Jaisalmer have mastered the art of embroidery. The excellent blend of attractive colors coupled with the exclusive design patterns on the traditional attires of the state of Rajasthan imparts a royal look to the dresses. The folk songs and folk dance of Jaisalmer bears relics to the unique cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the bygone era that has percolated to the modern times.

  • Ghoomar Dance

    The Ghoomar dance is primarily performed by the female folk of Jaisalmer on special festive occasions.

  • Kalbeliya

    Performed primarily by the community of snake charmers of the place, the dancers move their body in a flexible manner with the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments of drums. The dancers of Kalbeliya dress in the traditional attire of long skirts that are usually black in color.

  • Kathputli Dance

    Representing the unique cultural traditions of Jaisalmer, the Kathputli dance reflects the artistic imagination of the organizers of the show who creatively arrange a dance drama of puppets for the entertainment of the audience.


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