Food and Cuisine


  • Gatte ki Sabji

    A delicious curry prepared with gram flour as the base ingredient. 'Gatte' means cooked gram flour dumplings, which are added to the spicy curd gravy to make it a mouthwatering cuisine.

  • Gujia

    Gujia is specially made at the time of Holi festival. It is a hemispherical sweet pastry with rich fillings of nuts, dried fruit and mawa (dried milk).

  • Halwa

    Halwa is a very famous sweet dish in Jaipur which is made by Moong Dal. It includes rich ingredients with dal and cooked in Desi and pure Ghee.

  • Kadhi

    Kadhi is made by cooking yogurt and besan together along with the add-ons of some vegetables into it.


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