Arts And Crafts


  • Durry Designing

    Durry is a "humble cotton carpet". It can be used on the floor just likea carpet used in gardens, picnics and wall hangings. Durries are weaved on village looms in vibrant designs and motifs. The simplest is in single colour with contrasting borders and the more complicated ones bear geometric patterns, animal designs or floral designs in a mix of contrasting colour. It consists mainly of two types of threads. One thread among these two performs as a main base and the other thread is of different a colour to provide appropriate design. Durry has become a widely used decorative item in the world because of its unique characteristics.

  • Matki Dance

    Matki means a small pitcher or a small earthen pot. As part of this dance, the ladies are dressed in sarees or in a lehanga decorated with many ornaments. The main musical instrument used in this dance is the dhol. Matki dance is generally performed in a circular position. Women balance an earthen pot on their head. They also have a veil on their face.

  • Phulpati Dance

    This dance is performed by unmarried girls and is performed on the occasion of Holi.


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