Ina Memorial At Moirang


This town in Bishnupur District of Moirang has a special place in the history of India's Freedom Struggle. When all of India was reeling under the British colonial rule, Gandhiji was winning national freedom through his moral weapon, Satyagraha. However, Manipur and Kohima became the first and the last battleground for the liberation of India. Thousands of INA soldiers, along with soldiers of the Japanese imperial army died in the battlefield and become martyrs. They liberated 1,500 sq miles in Manipur valley and unfurled the Tri-colour Flag of Free India ceremoniously for the first time at Moirang Kangla on 14th April, 1944 and carried out administration of the liberated territories for three months, with its headquarters at Moirang. The INA Martyrs' Memorial complex proudly stands in Moirang in fond memory of those sacrificed souls