Food And Cuisine


  • Chamthong or Kangshoi

    This boiled dish is a stew, made with seasonal vegetables like onions, maroi, cloves, ginger, garlic and salt. The vegetables are boiled and topped on the soup dish and served hot, it should be served with rice.

  • Eromba

    The rice and fish delicacy is very popular in Manipur. A lot of boiled vegetables are coupled with the dry Ngari fish. The aroma of this dish increases with coriander and Maroi garnishing.

  • Nga-thongba

    The fish is a local binge for the natives of Manipur and is also popular amongst tourists. This classic delicacy is a traditional fish curry made of Ngari fish with usage of local herbs and spices.

  • Paknam

    It is a type of fish cake prepared with the Ngari fish. It is made by wrapping the fish in the banana leaf for steaming to enhance its aroma. Paknam is relishesd with sweet chilli sauce.

  • Singju

    Singju is an indigenous salad bursting with vegetables. It is a fine mix of onions, cabbage leaves, ginger, coriander, lotus stems, sinju pan and many other seasonal vegetables and the local Ngari fish.


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