Arts And Crafts


  • Cane and Bamboo products

    Since cane and bamboo are abundantly available, basketry has been a popular occupation of the people of Manipur. Different shapes and sizes with different designs are manufactured for domestic and ritualistic purposes. Heijing Kharai, Phiruk and Lukmai are exclusively meant for ceremonies such as weddings, births and deaths. For domestic purposes baskets like Likhai, Sangbai, Chengbon, Meruk, Morah etc. are made. Again, there are fishing equipments made of cane and bamboo. They are Longup, Tungbol etc. People of Maring tribe inhabiting the Chandel District are the main manufacturers of these types of basket. Another tribe is the Meeteis who also contribute to the production of baskets.

  • Pottery

    Pottery culture is very old in Manipur. Most of the pots are handmade and are of different colours (red, dark red and black). Pottery flourishes in Andro, Sekmai, Chairen, Thongjao, Nungbi and parts of the Senapati District. Chakpa women are good potters and they make different types of pots for ritualistic and ceremonial purposes.

  • Textile

    Most of the weavers who are famous for their skill and intricate designing of fine silk items are from Wangkhei, Bamon Kampu, Kongba, Khongman, Utlou etc. The rest of the villages of the State produce all varieties of fabrics. Tribal shawls with exotic designs and motifs are the products of five hill districts of the State. Fabrics and Shawls of Manipur are in great demand in the national and international market.


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