Arts and Crafts


Bags, hukkahs, belts and black gun jewelry in mirror and brass is famous in Hyderabad.

  • Bidriware Metal Handicraft

    The Bidriware craft is indeed an exquisite craft. Bidri craftsmen need to possess not just skill and patience but a lot of creativity as well so that they can bring into existence by artistic means beautiful designs of shining silver on a dull black background. The Mughals are credited with patronizing Bidriware in this country. Bidriware is divided into three different forms. The distinction is on the basis of the depth of embedding and the quality of metal. The deeply cut work is referred to as Nashan, the raised work is referred to as ZarNashan and the wire inlay work is better known as Tarkashi.

  • Malkha

    Malkha cloth is made near the cotton fields, by hand, and with natural dyes, reducing strain on the environment and putting primary producers in control.

  • Perfumes

    This fourth-generation family business can conjure something aromatic up for you on the spot. They specialize in ittar, natural perfume oils from flowers and herbs


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