Things To Do


  • Archaeological Museum

    Visit the Archaeological Museum, located at Hampi in the district Bellary of Karnataka. It exhibits a superb collection of sculptures and works of art made by British officers and housed earlier at the elephant stables.

  • Coracle Crossings

    Take a ride in the Coracle . Call it a floating basket or a boat, the Coracle is a huge traditionally designed craft used to ferry people across the river. These baskets are woven with cane from the inside, whereas the leather on the outside with a fine coating of plastic sheets and bitumen make it a leak proof floating material. Being brought into use by the locals of Hampi since five centuries, the modern day Coracle looks exactly the same as the old one except a slight change in the list of manufacturing materials. With the addition of plastic and bitumen sheets in its design, these circular floating boats can even ferry horses and other livestocks.

  • Hampi Bazaar

    Purchase various artefacts available at Virupaksha Bazaar. This bazaar is facing the Virupaksha temple and hence is also known as the Virupaksha Bazaar. You can buy handicrafts, musical instruments, leather products and much more.

  • Rock Climbing at Hampi

    Hampi is a bouldering paradise. The practically endless trails of boulder hills give a range of options based on your level. Thought it is not primarily known for climbing, Hampi has a number of places where the bouldering folks camp. There are even some guesthouses who rent out the basic gadgets.


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