Gwalior Fort


An architectural marvel of the 8th century, the Gwalior Fort is perched on a hilltop. The defensive structure of the fort comprises two main palaces, temples and water tanks. Amongst it, the most acknowledged is the Teli-Ka-Mandir and Man Singh Palace. The former was built in the Dravidian style shrine and its generously sculpted exteriors are highly appreciated. Then there is the Man Singh Palace, built by king Man Singh in the 15th century. The reputed Palace has an amazing design. With blue ceramic tiles at the front façade and an impressive structure the Man Singh Palace reflects the true colours of the Tomar dynasty. To complement the Man Singh Palace, the Gwalior Fort complex also houses the Gujari Mahal. This was built by Raja Man Singh for his beloved queen Mrignayani. Other notable structures in the majestic Gwalior Fortress are the Karan Palace, the Jahangir Mahal and Shahjahan Mahal.