Gujari Mahal


Built in the 15th century by Raja Mansingh Tomar for his Gujar Queen, Mrignayani, Gujari Mahal is a monument of love. According to popular tradition, since none of the eight queens were able to produce an heir for the king, he finally married a milkman’s daughter called “naani”, whom he named “Mrignayani” (meaning beautiful eyes). Mrignayani demanded a separate palace for her with constant water supply from river Ria and hence, Gujari Mahal in Gwalior in India came up. The palace now has an archaeological museum that has a large collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures, archaeological pieces from the 1st and the 2nd century B.C, copies of Bagh cave frescoes and Terracotta items. The statue of Salbhanjika, a marvellous piece in miniature is in the custody of the museum’s curator and can be seen on request.