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  • Regional Science Centre

    Here science comes alive with a vibrant science park with an adjacent Prehistoric park, 3D science movies, science shows and similar knowledge and entertainment programmes. Regional Science Centre, Guwahati (situated at Jawharnagar, Khanapara) is an activity driven non-formal science education destination for all spectrums of population. It is popularly known as a Science Museum, one of the units of the National Council of Science Museums functioning under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. The basic purpose of this Science Centre is to popularize science among the people of this region. Since its inauguration on 15 March 1994, this Centre has been attracting students, teachers and general public as it provides an able forum for them to learn science through interaction and fun. Apart from its permanent galleries with a number of participatory exhibits on science, this Centre organises regular educational programmes and activities, especially for students, in order to inculcate a scientific temper in them by imparting science education in a non-formal way.

  • River Cruise

    Cruise on the mighty Brahmaputra, one of the world's greatest rivers. Experience the best leisure and adventure time in the lap of this river. Must pack a good camera to capture the charms and memories this place has in store for you. The river runs for 1800 miles from its source in the Tibetan Himalayas to its delta in the Bay of Bengal through this beautiful state. Enjoy a fabulous range of interesting experiences while cruising this magnificent river. It offers something for everybody. For wildlife enthusiasts, it offers mind blowing wildlife viewing and bird watching. To the cultural traveller, it offers a glimpse of the varied and colourful ethnic mix of the state in addition to the neo-classical colonial palaces, Buddhist archaeology, Hindu temples and Islamic architecture.

  • River Cruise in Guwahati

    Gliding your way through Brahmaputra River will give you a chance to bestow your sights on the magnificent beauty around. This natural abundance is home to many rare and exotic species of animals and birds. You will be amazed at the scenery around filled with green hills and deep blue sky.

  • Rock-climbing

    A rock climbing experience in this region is a real treat for adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies. Some 50 km East of Guwahati is Elephant Rocks (Morigaon District) that offers ample scope for rock-climbing. Guwahati too has rock-climbing destinations such as the 80 ft Rohini Bhuyan Memorial Rock field located at Japarigog within the Assam State Zoo, Bhubaneshwari above Kamakhya Temple and Dirgheshwari (North Guwahati).

  • Trekking and Camping

    It's time to satiate your desire for some of the most thrilling trekking expeditions in Guwahati. Adventure across the Northeast is incomplete without trekking through the deep forests, the thickest in India. The place has ample trekking routes like Nameri National Park and Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary to give you a taste of wilderness in this region. Your extended stays can be in camps so you wake to the chirping of pretty birds exclusive to this site. Eco Camp situated at the fringes of the Nameri National Park is an avid camper's ideal getaway. Apart from birding, trekking and angling, it offers local cuisines. Eco Camp has thatched tented accommodation and equipment for rafting and angling. There are private resorts in the vicinity too, offering tents, cottages and dormitories with basic facilities. Bird-watching is a bonus for anglers and rafting enthusiasts who frequent Nameri.


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