Arts And Crafts


  • Barpeta's Bhortal Nriyta

    This dance involves the participation of six to eight performers making a graceful dance formation. It is mainly performed on special occasions in and around Barpeta and Guwahati.

  • Bihu Dance

    This folk dance is the most celebrated dance of the state and is also one of the main attractions for tourists. Both womenfolk and menfolk take part in this cheerful dance. The performers wear traditional costumes in different colors. The dancers sway their bodies gracefully to the rhythm of Bihu folk music sung by both men and women.

  • Bihu Folk Music

    The Bihu folk music is played with the 'dhol'; the 'mohor singor pepe' (a pipe instrument); the 'tala' (a cymbal); the 'gogona' (a bamboo instrument) and the 'toka' (a bamboo clapper). The songs are dedicated to themes such as love, the daily life of a farmer and Assamese New Year. Bihu dance is performed by different tribes; each has added its own variation to it and named it after their tribe.

  • Cane and Bamboo

    Grown in abundance here, they happen to be the two most commonly used items in daily life, ranging from household implements to construction of dwelling houses to furniture and weaving accessories to musical instruments.

  • Jappi

    Jappi, the traditional sunshade continues to be the most prestigious of bamboo items of the state.

  • Masks

    Tribal art and folk elements form the base of Assamese culture, masks have found an important place in the cultural activities of the people. Masks have been widely used in folk theatres known as bhaonas with materials ranging from terracotta to pith to metal, bamboo, and wood.

  • Metal Crafts

    Bell-metal and brass have been the most commonly used metals for the Assamese artisan. Traditional utensils and fancy articles designed by these artisans are found in every Assamese household. The Xorai and bota have been in use for centuries, to offer betel-nut and paan while welcoming distinguished guests.

  • Sattriya Dance

    This is one of the famous classical dances of Assam. Through this dance, the performers narrate mythological stories. In monasteries, it is performed every day by male monks. The dance is performed in conjunction with music called 'borgeets' which are based on classical ragas.


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